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Ft. Chaffee
Joint Maneuver
Training Center

FCJMTC is a 64,590 acre premier training site in western Arkansas, which is centrally located in the United States. Designated as a regional selective training capability, it is 1 of 9 NG installations nationwide that have that capability. It is also one of only two installations nationwide that has a major river with property on both sides. This is key for some training used by Department of Defense (DoD) components such as special operations and warfare units from all services, such as the Marines, Navy, Department of Defense civilians, non-DoD civilians, US Army Reserve, and DoD civilian training.  In 2015 alone, the training center also hosted training for
twenty two other states’ national guards.

The convoy live fire range offers units the capability of platoon-level live fire exercises along a 2,500 meter course including stationary and moving targets.  Shortly, center will also be able to provide units-capability to conduct platoon-level training. FTCMJTC is also utilized for training by numerous local, state and federal agencies and departments and houses eighteen tenants, both of which contribute significantly to the op tempo.


Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center provides personnel, equipment, training, logistical and administrative support
to enhance the combat readiness of using organizations
supporting the Global War on Terrorism.

On order, conducts operations in support of
Federal and State declared emergencies.

What sets Fort Chaffee apart?
4  Over 6,000 acres of Impact Area.
4  River Crossing Operations capability.
4  Varied Terrain ideal for Light Infantry units.
4  Brigade training capability. 
eXportable Combat Training Capability
(XCTC) rotations)

Razorback Range
4 Two scorable, low-angle strafe targets & over
40 scorable tactical targets Bomb circle.

4  Tactical village & Urban village with $2.4 Million in equipment (not including vehicles)

4  Basic surface attack/combat search and rescue/digital kill chain/time sensitive targeting (TST)

4  SOF – fighter – UAV Integrated Ops/Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (NT-ISR)/Killer-Scout/Forward Air Controller – Airborne (FAC-A)
Night vision goggles, secure radios,
WISS scoring system, etc

4  Use of heavy equipment for target construction and maintenance such as a road grader, dozer, tractors, loader, dump truck, and skid steer.

Fort Chaffee
Fort Chaffee
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