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Page last updated on:

09 June 2014


Welcome to the National Guard Marksmanship Training Center!

    The Winston P. Wilson / Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting postponed. Please click here for more information.
    Home to the only unit dedicated to the National Guard's marksmanship school's and competition's programs, the NGMTC is located at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas. Administrating National Guard Bureau training and competitive event initiatives at all levels, the NGMTC services all 54 states and territories within the Army and Air National Guard.
      Our qualified instructors and support staff are here to ensure that Soldiers and Airmen receive the best training possible by developing and improving their proficiency beyond basic marksmanship skills to increase combat survivability.
Click here to get the most recent news concerning our programs.
Click here to watch informational videos that encompass our different types of marksmanship schools and competitions.
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Camp Robinson (RMTC)
North Little Rock


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