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Apply for technician positions with the Arkansas National Guard using one of the following application formats:

1. OF 612 - Optional Application for Federal Employment
2. Resume Format
3. Other written format, to include the old SF 171

Each of these formats also require the following attachments:
1. AG AR ARK Form 1 - Chronological Summary of Military Experience
2. AG AR ARK Form 6 - Military and Civilian Education
3. AG AR ARK Form 22, Pre-Appointment Certification
4. SF 181, Race and National Origin Identification


Q. Do I need to submit a separate application for every job announcement?

A. Yes.

Q. What happens after I submit my application?

A. Your application will be placed in the file for the job for which you applied. After the closing date, it will be reviewed by HRO to determine your qualifications.

If you qualify, your application will be forwarded to the nominating official who will contact you for an interview. (A job panel may be required first - see below.)

If you do not qualify for the job, HRO will send you a letter stating why you did not qualify.

Q. What is a job panel?

A. The State Merit Placement Plan allows 5 applicants to be considered for positions open to traditional guardsmen, and 10 applicants for positions open to onboard technicians only. In cases where there more applicants than the plan allows, a job panel must be convened to rate and rank individuals.

A job panel consists of two subject matter specialists who are not in the position's direct line of supervision, and an HRO representative. Applicants are rated and ranked on the basis of the Placement Factors on the job announcement. This is why it is important to address these on your application.

Q. May I use a commercial resume software to complete my application?

A. Yes, but use caution. The short, bulleted format of the commercial resume often won't contain enough information to qualify you. Also, listing experience without dates, as many resume formats do, is of no use in determining your qualifications. If you do use resume software, make sure you follow the guidance in these instructions.

Q. I am in the Army Guard and live closer to Fort Smith than to Camp Robinson. May I turn in my application at the Air Guard unit there?

A. No. Job Applications must be hand carried, mailed or fedex'd with original signature. Application must be physically at HRO on or before the closing date.

Q. When is the latest I can turn in an application?

A. Applications are due to HRO not later than noon the following workday after the closing date of the announcement. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!




DO check the Area of Consideration on the job announcement to make sure you can be considered for a job. Some jobs are open to traditional guardsmen; some are not. The Area of Consideration means what it says - if it indicates that the job is only open to current technicians, then non-technician applications will not be considered under any circumstances, even if no technicians apply.

DO list all experience related to the job for which you are applying. Concentrate on the Specialized Experience and Placement Factors in the announcement. Along with a description of your duties, indicate your knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) acquired in your jobs.

DO list organizations for which you have worked, inclusive dates (including month and year), and average hours per week or month when listing work experience.

DO be specific when describing experience. For example, if you have experience as an automotive mechanic, state duties such as "changed oil and filters, did tune-ups, rebuilt engines", etc. Don't just say, "I worked on cars."

DO complete all required attachments as follows (computer generated facsimiles are acceptable):

1. AG AR ARK Form 1, Chronological Summary of Military Experience. Instructions and examples are contained on the forms. (When listing experience and MOS/AFSC held, you do not have to list dates of annual training or different skill levels separately.)

2. AG AR Form 6, Military and Civilian Education: List basic training, AIT or Technical School, and any other schools related to the position for which you are applying. You do not need to list every single school you have ever attended (although you may do so); only schools that pertain to the job for which you are applying.

3. AG AR ARK Form 22, Pre-Appointment Certification: State your Selective Service Status, and whether you have any relatives in the Arkansas National Guard.

4. SF 181, Race and National Origin Identification: Used for statistical purposes.

DO include military time as work experience, even if it was "only" in traditional Guard status. Describe duties and responsibilities fully; just listing your MOS/AFSC will not always qualify you for a job.

DO list only your experience related to the job for which you are applying. It is not necessary (although it is permissible) to list every job you have ever had. If you are not sure if your experience relates to the job, go ahead and include it on your application.

DO keep your application current. At some point you will be contacted, so make sure your address and phone numbers on your application are up to date and correct. If you have a pager and/or cell phone, include these numbers on your application also. If you are going to be out of town after the job closes, make sure you include a phone number where you can be reached; a nominating official won't try forever to reach you.

DO sign and date your application. Unsigned applications will not be considered. You may submit a photocopied application, but your signature and the date must be original.

DO keep a copy of your application.

DO call the HRO or one of the ANG liaisons if you need any assistance with your application.

Phone numbers:
HRO Staffing: (501) 212-4229/4232 or DSN 962-4229/4232
188th FW: (501) 648-5213/DSN 962-8213
189th AW: (501) 987-7650/DSN 731-7650


DON'T list your knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) separately from your work experience unless you indicate in which job you gained the KSAs. We must know the number of months of your experience to qualify you.

DON'T attach copies of college transcripts, diplomas, awards, certificates, letters of recommendation/appreciation, performance reports, photographs, or anything else except the required attachments. You may list this information on your application if you feel that it is necessary. Also, DON'T put your application in a binder or cover, or use tabs to separate attachments. Use only one staple or paper clip.

DON'T use phrases such s "I was responsible for" or "I made sure that" when describing work experience. We cannot give you credit for experience unless you state that you actually did the work.

DON'T assume that you don't qualify for a job if you have not met every Placement Factor. These are used to (1) give the nominating official a basis for selecting a candidate, and (2) rate and rank applicants if a job panel is required.

DON'T assume we know what you did in a job by virtue of your job title. WE CANNOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Describe your experience fully.

DON'T submit illegible or barely legible applications. Also, DON'T overuse acronyms and abbreviations, especially if they are not commonly known. Make sure we know what you mean.

DON'T wait until the last minute to send your application. Allow several days mailing time, even if you use so-called overnight or 2-day delivery. Make sure you send it to our correct address, which is found on the back of every announcement. (If using a delivery service, our building number is 7300.) Applications must reach the HRO or one of the ANG liaisons - not just get mailed or postmarked - by noon the first workday after the closing date. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

DON'T submit your application at government expense (that is, by military mail system or fax). Your application is considered personal mail. It is acceptable to use the distribution system. The best way is to hand carry your application to HRO. We will not "qualify you on the spot", but we will check it for completeness.

DON'T submit an application for which there is no job announcement. HRO only accepts applications for specific announcements.


Announcement Number:(Example: 99-127)
Job Title and Grade:(Example: Computer Specialist)
Name:(last name, first name, full middle name)

Other names ever used (maiden, etc.):

Mailing Address:
Day and evening phone numbers (include pager and/or cell phone numbers, if any):
Social Security Number:
Country of Citizenship:
Date of Birth:
Military Rank:

Federal Civil Service: If you have prior Federal Civil Service or are a current Civil Service Employee, list the title, series, grade and inclusive dates of your highest grade held. Example: Military Personnel Technician, GS-0204-07, 11 Jan 82-30 Nov 83.

High School: Name, city and state of last high school attended, and year of graduation or GED
College/University: Name, city, state, major(s), type of degree and year granted. If no degree was earned, show number of semester or quarter hours completed.

Work Experience

Include the following information for any paid or non-paid work experience that is related to the job for which you are applying. Include your experience as a traditional guard member. List each job separately.

Job Title: (if Federal Civil Service, include Pay Plan, Series and Grade)
Employer or Organization, name and address:
Supervisor's name and phone number:
Starting and ending dates of employment
: include month and year.
Average number of hours per week (or month):
May your current supervisor be contacted?

Job Description or Summary of Duties: Describe the work you did, skills acquired (typing, computer input, etc.), and any certificates or licenses earned (A & P, CPA, etc.)

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