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Apply for AGR employment with the Arkansas National Guard using NGB Form 34-1, Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position.

Required attachments, which are listed on each AGR job announcement, are as follows:


1. Copy of the latest MEDPROS Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Report. Soldiers whose weight listed on IMR exceeds the screening table weight allowed must also include a Body Fat Content Worksheet (DA Form 5500-R for males or DA Form 5501-R for females) with the IMR.
2. Copy of Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)/Officer Record Brief DA Form 4037 (ORB)
4. Copies of last 3 NCOERs (E-5 and above only) or OERs
Copy of latest RPAS statement (if you have recently joined the AR ARNG from active duty, attach a copy of DD Form 214 instead.)
6. Copy of latest DA Form 705, APFT scorecard.
8. SF 181, Race and National Origin Identification


1. Current AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report
2. Report on Individual Personnel (RIP)
3. SF 181, Race and National Origin Identification


Response to Position Announcement # and Position Title: Self-explanatory. Be sure to put the announcement number and title as they appear on the job announcement.

SSI/MOS: Self-explanatory for Army. Air personnel will list Duty AFSC.

Section III, Military History: AD = Active Duty; AGR = Active Guard/Reserve; NG = National Guard; USAR = Army Reserve, Duty = Duty MOS or AFSC. Include your present and past assignments.


Q. Do I need to submit a separate application for each announcement?
A. Yes.

Q. Are photocopies acceptable?

Q. May waivers be granted for aptitude test scores?
A. Yes (for Army only): up to three (3) points of your test score may be waived. For example, if the MOS requires an ST score of 100, you will be considered qualified if your ST score is at least 97. If your score cannot be waived, you may want to retest to raise your scores for future opportunities.

Q. May a "3" on the physical profile (PULHES) be waived?
A. No.

Q. What happens after I submit my application?
A. You application will be placed in the file for the appropriate job. After the closing date, it is reviewed by the HRO Staffing Specialist to determine if you meet the qualifications as stated on the job announcement. For "Open Continuous" announcements, applications are kept on file until a vacancy occurs, at which time they are reviewed for qualifications.

If you qualify for the job, your application will be forwarded to the nominating official, who will contact you for an interview. (For ARNG jobs, if there are more than 10 qualified applicants, a job panel will be convened first.)

If you do not qualify for the job, you will receive a letter of notification.

Q. I am in the Army Guard and live closer to Fort Smith than to Camp Robinson. May I turn in my application at the Air Guard unit there?

A. No. Job Applications must be emailed to Application must be received at HRO on or before the closing date.



DO check the Area of Consideration on the job announcement to make sure you can be considered for a job. Some jobs are open to both AGRs and traditional guard personnel, but some are only open to current onboard AGRs. This means that if it indicates that the job is open only to onboard AGRs, then other applicants will not be considered under any circumstances.

DO read the qualification requirements in the job announcement. Your application must show proof of these qualifications. For example, ARNG personnel must make sure your DA Form 2-1 has your test scores (if it does not, you need to provide them from a different source), and make sure your physical exam shows your physical profile (PULHES). Many an applicant has been disqualified simply for lack of documentation.

DO remember that you must meet the qualifications as of the closing date of the announcement, not after. For example, if the job closes 1 August and the minimum grade is E6, you cannot be considered qualified if you are due to be promoted any time after that date.

DO submit clear copies of all required attachments. We must be able to read the attachments for aptitude test scores, physical profile, etc., to determine your qualifications.

DO explain any "Yes" answers in Section IV of NGB 34-1 (except Item 9). Section VI is provided for this purpose. Any application containing a "Yes" item that is not explained will not be considered.

DO keep your application current. At some point you will be contacted, either by phone or mail, so make sure your phone numbers and address are correct. Include the area codes. Also, if you have a pager and/or cell phone where you can be reached, include this information on the application as well.

DO sign and date your application in original ink. Unsigned applications will not be considered. You may submit a photocopied application, but your signature and date must be original.

DO keep a copy of your application for future reference. You may want to apply for other jobs.

DO call HRO if you need any assistance with your application, or if you have any questions about current vacancies or qualification requirements.

HRO Staffing: (501) 212-4229/4232 or DSN 962-4229/4232
188th FW Liaison: (501) 648-5213 or DSN 962-8213
189th AW Liaison: (501) 987-7650 or DSN 731-7650

DO follow these instructions carefully. A little time and attention will benefit you in the long run. Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to submit a complete and correct application.


DON'T submit an application for a job that has not been announced; HRO only accepts applications for specific advertisements.

DON'T attach copies of college transcripts, diplomas, certificates, awards, performance reports, letters of recommendation or appreciation, photographs, or any other attachment other than those required. You may list this information on the application if you feel that it is necessary.

DON'T call the HRO constantly to check on the status of your application. This serves no purpose. You may check right after the job closes to see if you were qualified, but after it is forwarded to the nominating official, HRO normally doesn't know the status until the package is received back from the nominating official. Keep in mind that after interviews are completed, the selection has to go through several command channels before it ever reaches HRO. When and only when HRO receives the package back, we will notify the selectee by phone and non-selectees by mail. Be patient,  the wheels of government do not turn overnight!

DON'T wait till the last second to submit your application. Make sure you use the correct email address, which is found on the back of every job announcement. Applications must reach HRO by the closing date. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!