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Arkansas National Guard
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Technician Positions


     Implementation of USA Jobs for Arkansas National Guard Technician Positions

:: Implementation Memorandum

:: Application Submission Instructions

     1.   Air Technician Positions Available.

     :: All Air Technician positions require membership in the Arkansas Air National Guard. Click here for Position to Air skill identifier chart.

     2.  All Air Technician positions must be applied for online through  See above Application Submission Instructions.  Applications sent via US Mail, e-mail or fax will not be considered and will be returned to the sender.  Applications cannot be dropped off at the Human Resources Office.

     3.  Application Forms:
     (All Forms must be Must be included with application.  Incomplete applications will NOT be considered and late form submissions cannot be accepted for any reason)

     :: Resume - Must specify months and years of experience and reflect how the Specialized Experience requirements (as listed on the job announcement) are met.

     :: SF 181 - Race and National Origin Identification

     :: AF Form 422, Physical Profile Serial Report - Obtain from unit personnel

     4.  NOTE: All of the technician positions require membership in the Arkansas National Guard.  All are permanent positions unless designated temporary.

     :: There are two temporary positions. Short Term and Long Term.

     :: Short Term temporary positions are those that are less than one year.

     :: Long Term temporary positions are those that are more than one year but not to exceed two years.

     5.  Other federal Civil Service Vacancy Opportunities:
     :: Federal Job Digest
     :: Civilian Career opportunities for Military Members

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Page last updated on:

28 July 2016

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Please apply for these positions at:

16-288T Police Officer GS-0083-06 188th WG, Fort Smith Indefinite 28 Jul 2016
16-289T Airplane Flight Instructor (Pilot) GS-2181-13 189th AW, LRAFB Indefinite 28 Jul 2016
16-290T Flight Engineer Instructor GS-2185-10 189th AW, LRAFB Permanent 28 Jul 2016
16-291T Administrative Support Technician GS-0303-06 188th WG, Fort Smith Permanent 28 Jul 2016
16-292T Aircraft Mechanic Work Leader WL-8852-10 189th AW, LRAFB Permanent 28 Jul 2016
16-296T Aviation Resource Management Specialist GS-2101-09 188th WG, Fort Smith Indefinite 08 Aug 2016
16-297T Airplane Flight Instructor (Pilot) GS-2181-13 188th WG, Fort Smith Permanent 22 Aug 2016
16-298T Aircraft Engine Mechanic WG-8602-10 189th AW, LRAFB Permanent 08 Aug 2016
16-302T Base Services Specialist GS-0301-09 189th AW, LRAFB Permenent 10 Aug 2016
16-303T Administrative Support Technician GS-0303-06 189th AW, LRAFB Permanent 10 Aug 2016
16-304T Aircraft Mechanic WG-8852-10 189th AW, LRAFB Permanent 10 Aug 2016

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