Technician Employment Verification

"The Work Number for Everyone" utilizes an Interactive Voice Response System to verify employment and salary information for lending institutions or future employers of technicians. The system provides this information in a more efficient manner and is accessed by a lender at any time with a special authorization number acquired by the employee. Additionally, the system has a "faxback" function for a written verification if the lender requires. This service may be obtained by following these instructions:

1. Call 1-800-367-2884
2. Enter National Guard company code "10365", Social Security Number and PIN(month & day of birth, i.e. July 19 = 0719) SYSTEM WILL GIVE AN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.
3. Provide the requesting agency the National Guard Company code "10365", Social Security Number & Authorization Code. DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR PIN TO A REQUESTING AGENCY.

1. Call 1-900-555-9675
2. Input National Guard Company Code "10365, Social Security Number and Authorization Code to receive employment information.
An employee may have three (3) Authorization Codes active at any one time. An Authorization Code may be used for ONE verification ONLY.

There are three levels of verification provided by "The Work Number For Everyone".

a. Basic - Usually required for job reference checks. The system provides the following to lenders or potential employers.

- Name
- Most recent start or termination date
- Total time in government service
- Job title

b. Basic Plus - Usually required for apartment rentals and small, short-term loans. The system will provide the following to lenders.

- All Basic information plus...
- Total rate of pay
- Pay frequency

c. Full - Usually required for major loans or mortgages. The system will provide the following to lenders.

- All Basic information plus...
- Gross earnings for year to date (YTD) and past two years (including base pay, overtime, and awards)

Utilizing this method of verifiying employment will reduce the length of time for verification from DAYS TO MINUTES.