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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016

AFR Youth News

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On September 15- 17 the State Family Programs Office had their annual State Workshop and Youth Symposium. The Youth Symposium went really well. It was small but I believe they really had a chance to touch base with each other. We started on Friday night with a Welcome Luau which included a limbo and hula hoop contest.

We started the youth program on Saturday morning with various classes from patriotism to diversity. We premiered the new Talk, Listen, and Connect video by Sesame Street on deployment. All of the teens participated in Group activities and seemed really eager to start up the Teen council again.

We ended the weekend on Sunday with a presentation to the adults. The youth performed the proper way to fold a flag while they read what each fold represented to the audience and received a standing ovation as they did a wonderful job of folding the flag and then presenting the flag to SFC Mary Myers the Program Director. I felt with the resent anniversary of 9/11 this was an appropriate time to honor our flag and show our patriotism.


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