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Page last updated on:

22 July 2016


Arkansas Army National Guard
Military Funeral Honors (MFH)

Honoring those who served…
One Family at a time.


Render professional Military Funeral Honors
in accordance with service tradition and
the National Honor Guard Army Standard Operating Procedure
to all eligible Veterans
 when requested by an authorized family member.

Within the next 5 years, the Arkansas Army National Guard will become the premier Military Funeral Honors Program in Region 4; by effectively and efficiently utilizing funds, recruiting professional Soldiers, and making intentional connections with communities throughout Arkansas by
“Honoring those who have served…One Family at a Time”

*Honor Guard Offices will provide, or arrange for funeral honors
for all Army Veterans who are eligible.

The eligibility process begins with the Funeral Director contacting
CAC or an AR ARNG MFH office via telephone or fax.

Services may be requested to be performed
in a church, funeral home, or cemetery.

These services will be provided at the request
of a family member or authorized representative.

Veterans may only receive Honors one time.



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