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Functions of the IG

  • IG missions are accomplished using one of the four major IG functions of:  Inspections, Assistance, Investigations and Teach and Train.
    • INSPECTIONS evaluate performance against a standard.  IG inspections at higher levels are mostly systematic in nature; focused on finding problems, determining causes and looking for solutions.
    • ASSISTANCE is the process of receiving, inquiring into and responding to an IG Action Request.  The focus is to render assistance, assist commanders in correcting injustices, help eliminate conditions that are detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the command, and ensure processes are in place to care for Soldiers, Airmen, their Families, and our Civilian workforce.
    • INVESTIGATIONS are a more formal examination into allegations, issues or adverse conditions pertaining to a unit or individual in order to provide the command with a sound basis for decisions and actions.
    • TEACHING and TRAINING.  An IG provides training on current policy to commanders, Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians and Family members.  Additionally, the IG provides independent Teach and Train programs such as pre-command courses, OIP training, officer and NCO Professional Development Programs, and others.
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Helpful References & Links

:: National Suicide Hotline
   800-273-TALK (8255)
Dial 1

:: Sexual Assault and Response Program (SARP)

:: Report Fraud and Abuse

:: Family Support
:: EEO
:: JAG

:: Chaplain
To find a Chaplain near you, contact the AR ARNG Post Chaplain at 501-212-5621 (DSN: 962-5621)

:: Wounded Soldier
   and Family Assistance

CONUS: 421-3700

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