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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit an Inspector General (IG) Action Request or Complaint?

  • Anyone can submit an IG Action Request Form, DA1559 or AF102, as long as it concerns an activity of the Arkansas National Guard and / or its members.
  • See Who Can Contact the IG?
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What Problems and or Issues Can I Present to an IG?

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How Do I File / Submit a Complaint to an IG?

  • You can contact an IG in person, by telephone, fax, email, or regular mail.  You will need to give the IG your permission to work your case by submitting a DA Form 1559 or AF Form 102.
  • Before you contact the IG, refer to these Tips to Be Prepared.
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What Is an IGAR?

  • An IGAR is an Inspector General Action Request, (DA Form 1559) or (AF Form 102).  When completing an IG Action Request Form, it is important that you include as much DETAIL as possible (who, what, when, where, how, etc.).  This enables the IG to conduct a thorough inquiry and saves time in the processing of your case.
  • Army and Air Force IG Action Request forms will disclose to you how the IG will use information you supply, according to the Privacy Act of 1974, and will also request for you to state whether or not you consent to the release of your personal information outside of IG channels (but within DoD official channels) according to FOIA.
  • Anyone who knowingly and intentionally provides false statements on a form DA1559 or AF102 is subject to potential punitive and administrative action (UCMJ Art 107, 18 USC 1001).
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Can I Be Disciplined for Contacting an IG?

  • NO.  Contact with an IG is protected by law.
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Can an Inspector General Order My Supervisor to Fix a Problem?

  • NO.  The IG has no command authority.
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How Do I Obtain the Results of an Inspector General's Investigation / Inquiry that I Initiated?

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