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09 May 2017

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Operations Security (OPSEC) “Tip Off” Indicators

Given the increasing dependence of our national and economic security upon the information infrastructure, it is essential that Army Webmasters review organizational information and content to ensure good OPSEC procedures are being applied. Army Webmasters must develop a disciplined review of all information posted to their locally generated Web sites. This must be done to protect sensitive unclassified and classified information. The following are OPSEC "Tip off Indicators" that should be removed from Army web sites:

Administrative Information Maintenance

• Future Official Travel itineraries (units/individuals)
• Attendance at conferences
• Commercial Contracts Supply/Equipment orders & deliveries
• Transportation plans
• Maps, images, document support
• Maintenance & logistic requirements
• Receipt or installation of special equipment

Communication Operations, Plan and Training

• Spectrum documents
• Communication/Activity Pattern Changes
• Internet & E-mail Use personal & business
• Secure Communication Availability
• Links with other agencies/units
• Family support plans
• Bulletin/Message boards
• Counter-terrorism information Operational Orders/plans
• Mission Training
• Exercise activity/plans
• Exercise deployment and training schedules
• Unit movement
• Inspection Findings & Deficiencies
• Unit Weaknesses
• Standard Operating Procedures

Content - Operations Security (OPSEC)

The following are sensitive personal or unit information that should be removed, or modified for compliance:

Personal Unit
• Biographies
• Family Support Activities
• Social Security Account Numbers
• Phone Directories
• Names of Army Family members
• Army Family Addresses
• Army Family Locations
• Army Family Phone numbers
• Travel Information
• Dates of birth
• Daily schedules
• Confidential Medical Records Phone Directories (Including Names)
• Lists of personnel
• Unit Recall Rosters
• Action on reports of Selection Boards
• Detailed Duty Rosters (Including Names)
• Detailed Organizational Charts
• Telephone Directories (Including Names)
• Temporary duty (TDY) orders
• Billeting arrangements
• Leave for large groups or entire units
• Daily schedules
• Notice to airmen (NOTAM)
• Notice to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
• Electronic Wire Diagrams
• Frequency Spectrum Data

Army Specific

• Army Intelligence, counterintelligence, and security information
• Army operational and tactical information
• Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
• Army Operational orders and plans
• Army mission-specific training
• Identities of Army Undercover Intelligence Officers, Agents, Informants and Sources
• Army Lessons Learned
• Army Lessons Learned is often a result of an After Action Review (AAR)
• An AAR contains specific information


• Unit IDT Periods
• Unit AT Periods
• Unit and Armory Mission Essential Vulnerable Areas
• Unit Personnel Information
• Deployment Information
• Critical Process of the ARNG
• Security Routines
• IDS and Other Communication Failures
• Flight Information
• AR-NG Support to Possible CBRNE Events and Media Coverage
• Itineraries and Schedules of the Senior Command Group
• Domestic operations

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