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Tuition Assistance Programs

Federal Tuition Assistance Program

Students must turn in a degree plan/degree checklist before TA will be approved. This can be obtained from your student advisor or college website.

Receive up to $250 per semester hour and up to $4500 per fiscal year for classroom and/or distance learning degree and non-degree study at accredited public and private institutions.

Eligibility: Must be a member of the Arkansas Army National Guard and in "good standing" (Satisfactory participant)

All applications for Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) must be submitted online and they are due PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES.

Students have up to 30 days after completing classes to submit their grade reports. Students who fail to turn in their grades WILL NOT BE APPROVED FOR FTA the following semester.


- Go to

- Click on “Apply Online”

- Click on “ARNG FTA”

- - Log in with your CAC card. If your ID Card is not working, it may be necessary to have a new pin set or obtain a new card at the DEERs section.

-If your college/university is not listed, select “OTHER” then type the name of the school in the “Remarks” section

- Be sure and review the recoupment policy before submitting each application.

-Print a copy of the completed application (if possible) before submitting it online

-Be sure to list your correct AKO email address so your Education Guidance Counselor can respond to your application.

FTA Application Process

New policy letter governing tuition dated 12 May 2008 - please read

Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP)

The Guard Tuition Incentive Program (GTIP) is a state funded award to assist soldiers with their educational expenses. A soldier can receive up to $2500 per Spring or Fall semesters and up to $1250 for each summer session. The total state fiscal year (1 July-30 June) amount will not exceed $5000 dollars.

Applications can be obtained at the units or through the Education Office.

Fall Application Dates
July 1 - August 15

Spring Application Dates
November 1 - December 15

Summer Sessions
First Summer Session: May 1 - May 15
Second Summer Session: Jun 1 - Jun 15

:: Download the AG AR Form 621-R GTIP Application Form
:: Download the AG AR Form 621-A GTIP Checklist
:: Download the Arkansas ARNGR Regulation 621-202 for GTIP



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