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Arkansas Army National Guard
Education and Incentives

Arkansas Education Services

    The Arkansas Army National Guard offers its members great opportunities through state programs. In partnership with state government and colleges here are some benefits you can receive as a member of the Arkansas Army National Guard:

- The Guard Tuition Assistance Program
- Yellow Ribbon Program
- Currently a 25% reduction in college tuition cost at an Arkansas college/university
- Scholarship for military members/dependents
- Reimbursement of college tuition if deploying

    In addition a new General Assembly Bill Act 1011 was passed on April 8, 2013 titled “An Action to Amend Tuition Waivers For National Guard Soldiers and Airmen;
and for other Purposes”

    This bill allows colleges, universities, community colleges, technical schools, and other postsecondary institutions of higher learning located in the State of Arkansas that directly received funds appropriated by the General Assembly to waive up to 100% of the tuition at the institution for Soldiers and Airmen of the Arkansas National Guard.

    The act does not direct the schools to waive up to 100% but allows the schools to determine how much, if any, they want to waive above the current 25% wavier for tuition cost.

    Contact your school for further information.

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Arkansas Department of Higher Education
Arkansas Assembly 2013 Act 1011
Arkansas Assembly 2013 Act 1012
Arkansas Department of Higher Education - Military Dependents Scholarship

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