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Arkansas National Guard 
Tuition Assistance Program


The Guard Tuition Assistance Program (GTIP) is a
state funded program created by the
 Arkansas General Assembly in 1995. 
It is only available to current and newly enlisted
Soldiers and Airmen of the
Arkansas National Guard
and provides additional educational financial assistance
for tuition expenses. 

GTIP pays $2500.00 per semester to awarded personnel.

GTIP is only available for Fall and Spring semesters. 


GTIP is a first come first serve point based program administered by the Education Incentive Branch.


1.     Non-prior and prior service persons qualified to enlist in the Arkansas National Guard

2.     Have 15 - years or less TIS

3.     Must have a 50 or higher  on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test

4.     Enrolled as a full-time student at an Arkansas  approved intuition

5.     Is a current drilling member and in good standing in the Arkansas National Guard


Application Process:

6.      Fill out AG AR Form 621-A

7.     Fill out AG AR Form 621-R

8.     Fax, scan, email, mail to the Education Incentives Branch. Contact information is in the number in upper right menu.


Application Dates:

Fall Semester -              1 July thru 15 August

Spring Semester-          1 November thru 15 December




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