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Federal Tuition Assistance

Arkansas Army National Guard Soldiers

On 1 January 2014, the Armyís FY14 Tuition Assistance (TA) program changed. These changes are supportive of the intent of the TA program Ė to provide financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education in support of Soldiersí professional and personal self-development goals within a constrained budget environment.

The new policy allows Soldiers to use TA after successful completion of their first year of service after graduating from either AIT, OCS or BOLC. Soldiers are eligible for up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year and they can use TA for a second, higher-level post-bachelorís degree after completion of 10 years of service. The second degree time in service requirement applies to movement from a bachelorís to a masterís degree and not from an associateís to a bachelorís degree. Also, the 10-year requirement only applies if Army TA was used to pay for any portion of the undergraduate coursework.

Soldiers will continue to receive up to $250 per semester hour and the current policy limits of 130 semester hours for completion of a bachelorís degree and up to 39 semester hours for a master's degree remain in effect. Soldiers cannot use TA for a second equivalent degree, i.e., no second bachelorís or master's degree. All courses must be part of an approved degree plan. TA cannot be used for first- professional degrees, e.g., PhD, MD or JD. In addition to DA adverse action flags, we will continue our policy to not allow TA for Soldiers who are flagged for APFT/AWCP.

To apply for FTA (you must be a current Soldier of the Arkansas Army National Guard) go to and complete the common application and Quick Start Training.

What does FTA do?
1. FTA funding is capped to Soldier at $4500.00 per fiscal year.
2. FTA has a maximum cap of $250.00 per credit hours, $167.00 per credit for quarter schools, and $5.55 per credit for clock hour schools.
3. FTA funds 100% of authorized fees that are associated with a required class.
4. FTA does not pay fees that are charged to all students. Fees such as sports activities, library fees, security fees, technology fees, athletic fees, student union fees, maintenance fees. etc.

To apply for FTA:
You must be a new or current Soldier of the Arkansas Army National Guard. Go to and follow online application process.

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