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Arkansas Army National Guard
Education and Incentives

The Arkansas Army National Guard Education and Incentive Benefits Program and Services can help you pursue your Associate, Bachelor or Masterís degree at no to little cost to you!!!

We can also help you receive vocational and technical certificates and licensures.  By becoming a member of the Arkansas Army National Guard you get education benefits and incentives (cash bonus, student loan repayment) that other organizations canít beat.  

What could be better than a free education and cash in your pocket?


To provide educational and academic services and incentives to Soldiers to strengthen their individual leadership skills and professional development for career advancement in the Arkansas Army National Guard.


    Soldiers- Helping Soldiers to achieve their education and academic goals.

    Team- Working together enhancing Soldier lives through education, academics, and incentives.

    Customer Service- Providing on-time service to our number one customer-Soldiers.


1.  Provide academic services to Arkansas Army National Guardsmen thereby contributing readiness and leadership for the Arkansas Army National Guard.

2.  Improve Soldier opportunities for advancement and leadership through academic services, educational assistance, testing and educational counseling.

3.  Maximize Soldier incentives to improve the Arkansas Army National Guard recruiting and retention efforts.

4.  Improve Soldier quality of life through education.

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09 August 2017