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Our Mission

To provide professional personnel and ready units that are capable of responding to the needs of our nation, state, and communities.

Additional Questions and Answers for Prior Service Veterans

Is the Arkansas National Guard for me?

     There's a good chance it is. Thousands of veterans from all branches of service join the Guard each year, and find that it gives them the best of both military and civilian life. In the Guard you keep many of the benefits you received in active service. You can improve technical skills you've already acquired. And because the Guard is only part time, you can hold a civilian job or go to school. You also get the chance to serve your state and nation while staying close to home. And help your neighbors when disasters and emergencies strike.

What can I contribute to the Guard?

     A lot. Your local Guard unit needs your recent experience with advanced military equipment, weapons and tactics. Your leadership skills are in demand too. You can help train other citizen soldiers with less knowledge and experience, and share with them the strength and maturity you've gained in active service.

What can the Guard do for me in return?

     More than you may realized. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Continue your civilian and military education
  • A chance to earn promotions or become a Warrant or Commissioned Officer
  • Good pay
  • Serviceman's Group Life Insurance
  • Job contacts in civilian life
  • Free air travel when space is available
  • Retirement benefits at age 60 - after 20 years of combined active and reserve service - including medical, PX and commissary privileges

Will I have to go to Basic Training?

     No. As long as you have previously completed Basic Training with any branch of service.

What will my pay be?

     For each Guard training assembly you attend (usually 4 per weekend), you will receive a full day's pay for your grade and number of years service (active and reserve time). For more information take a look at the National Guard Monthly Pay Chart.

Can I switch branches or specialties?

     Yes, your experience may qualify you for an occupational specialty other than the one you held when you left active duty. You can also change your specialty by attending an active service school.

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Page last updated on:

30 December 2016